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They are beautiful, ethereal and fascinating. What are we talking about? Dreamcatchers! Thanks to the Metal Circle , you can also make it home.


Ladies, Summer is coming up, we were thinking of you and we stocked clear bra shoulder straps. They are ideal to summer dresses, tops, tanks. Straps have metal fasteners, so you don't have to be afraid about breaking at the worst time.


We pay attention to our customers demands and therefore we started measuring out some goods per 0.5m. You can now buy some of our fabric, lace, braid and fringe in length that you need, starting from 0.5 m. Items that can be cut are marked with a scissors icon. Gradually, we will expand this range of goods.


Are you occasionally carried away by the beauty of pearls? Check out our pearl buttons.Their elegance will excel on boleros, blouses, jeans and sweaters. They are also suitable to decorate wedding dresses, accessories and dresses for bridesmaids.

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