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Are you purse or bag producer? Then you will certainly enjoy Sandwich fix, which we recently re-stocked. This is a very strong reinforcement that strengthens sides of bag.


All creative souls will certainly enjoy the new Stuffing , which is used for pillows, cushions, toys, dolls, beds for pets and other textile products. The stuffing is of high quality, Czech production certified for safety.


Do you like interesting and fresher things? Then you will surely love our silicone button-shaped coasters . They will impresses you with its unusual design and playful colors. You can use them under mugs, bowls or as a decoration on the wall.


Do you want to look like a gentleman? Then get our stylish bow tie. They are suitable for formal suit, but it is also suitable for everyday wear in the office or city.


Treat yourself every day to a comfort with our cotton socks . Thanks to the silicone strip at the back it will not slip of the heel. Socks are very comfortable, flexible and adaptable edge sits well on the foot. Fits into sneakers, ballerinas, tennis shoes.


Jump rope, also known as French skipping or jumpsies, is a simple game played around the world. While easy to learn, it’s a game with infinite variations and ways to play.


Dear Customers,
effective March 3rd, 2017 in the Czech Rep. will be introduced electronic record of cash sales of goods and services (in English: e-sales, Czech abbreviation: EET), which is a modern way of prompt communication between the entrepreneurs and the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic.
Due to this change we had to apply the following:
- orders paid by card, Paypal and PayU can not be combined with another order
- original price of the order can not be increased; we can not add different items or packaging to the order paid by above mentioned methods, because it would increase the total price

Thank you for your understanding,


Are you creative and do you like beading? Then you should definitely get these Beading Needles. They are thin and working with them is simple. These needles are essential for any beading, jewelry or crafting project.


Going to the prom?
Check out the Fascinators from our new items offer. They are elegant and will impressively embellish your hairstyle. We have several types - on a headband, with clips / brooch clasps or on hair comb. Some are decorated with fine feathers.


Proms, parties, celebrations and especially weddings - everywhere you can use this stylish Pearl Trimming. We have extended our offer with a few new pieces that can combine well with each other. Can be cut to any length and decorate with it candles, gifts etc.

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According to the law of registration of sales the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. Seller is also obliged to register received revenue at Financial Authority online; in case of technical failure this must be done within 48 hours.

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