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Registration retail or wholesale

Registration is not necessary for retail customers to make a purchase in our e-shop, but it comes with a number of benefits. For customers with business ID or VAT number registration is required.

Registered customer has these benefits:
- an overview of all orders
- contact information are saved, no need to fill them out with each order
- ability to add products to favourites
- an overview of new discounts and special offers since last log-in
- loyalty program for wholesale customers
To all unregistered customers are displayed retail prices for end customers (if you have business license or ID, you must log in or register. Later changes on invoices are not possible).

Simply click on the link "Create an user account" in the top right corner, enter the required information such as e-mail, password, and contact information. After entering all the necessary data, click on the "Register" button and registration is complete. (If you're shopping for schools, nursery schools, kindergartens, organizations and government institutions, businesses etc., you must register under the identification number of the given subject.)

If you forgot your password do the following:
From the Login homepage, click "Send Temporary Password". An email will be sent to your email address on file with a temporary password. This password will be valid for the next 24 hours. During this time you need to change the account password.

For customers with business licence or VAT nr. we have wholesale prices, these will be displayed automatically after creating an account and logging in.

If you are a registered as a retail customer and need to change to a wholesale customer account, please create a new account with a new email address or contact us

If you have new business ID or VAT, you need to create a new registration with a new email address. If you prefer to use your original e-mail address, please contact our customer service representative

For a newsletter subscription click on the corresponding link on either the homepage, at registrationor during placing an order. Once you subscribe to our newsletter we will keep you up to date with important information about discounted items, special promotions, new products etc.


This information can be found directly over the product name. If you want to be notified when the sold out item will be available you can set up Availability notification.

sold out


If your desired color is currently unavailable, the approximate date of re-stocking will be displayed directly next to the colour option.


With a term IN STOCK, we indicate the amount of goods that are ready for immediate dispatch in our warehouse. If we have additional stock in the warehouse that is not yet ready for sale (the goods must be packed in smaller packages, provided with labels, or with instructions), we will inform you so that you know what quantity we are able to prepare for you in a short period of time ( within 7 days at the latest).

If you purchase such items, we will send you the entire order at once as soon as all the items are ready.

When processing photos of goods we try to capture colors as faithfully as possible. However, each monitor or display can display the resulting photo differently. That is why we describe the color of the goods and use so many color names.

Due to the large number of variations of some products, it is very difficult to identify color names because there are many color variations that differ only minimally. That is why we use several types of color cards, thanks to which we are able to better describe the colors of individual variants of goods. With the world-renowned Pantone Color + Home incl. numerical expression, the so-called tpx, you can mainly meet with items of textile haberdashery, such as threads and ribbons. For other products we use classical Czech colour card, metal or wood colors, specialized colour cards from our suppliers, etc.

No. Goods in bulk are labeled only on the packaging. 

Total weight of the completed order is shown in the details of the order (or on the Invoice).

In our retail stores you can see in person most of the items that we sell online. Wholesale customers have the option to arrange a store visit with their Key Account Manager.

Placing an order

Choose a product in our e-shop, choose its variant, package size and quantity and put it in the basket.

You can add items to the basket either directly from the list of goods in individual categories, or on the detailed item card.

If you want to order more color variants of one product, use the Bulk purchase function. Here you can see all product variants and you can add multiple variants to the basket at once.

Once you've selected everything you need, check your basket and place your order.

We accept online orders only. If you need an assistance with your order, please contact the customer service representative of your country.

You will see the status of your order by logging into your Stoklasa account. Here you can easily find out at what stage is your order. We will also inform you about the status of your order by e-mail.


Visit "My Account" in order history, choose the detail of order and find the previously ordered item and click the link from there.

The goods will remain in your basket (for non-registered customers for a few days, for registered customers permanently), even if you decide to discontinue your selection and return later. Items will be removed from your basket if you delete the "cookies" in your browser or if you decide to remove them from your basket yourself.

The Multi-Basket function allows you to divide desired goods into multiple baskets, for example by assortment (e.g. Haberdashery, Decoration) or your other preferences . You can leave several baskets open and finalize them as needed. More information here.

Once your order has been placed, there is no way to interfere with it. You can only request to cancel your order.

If the payment transaction is pending, you can cancel the order yourself in the details of order. With any other payment method, the order is immediately sent for processing and can only be cancelled by contacting our customer service line. However, if the order is in the "Shipped" status, it was already handed to the shipping company and cannot be cancelled.

Only one discount coupon can be used per order. Discount codes are not valid on already discounted goods.

You can redeem multiple gift vouchers at the same time (eg. combine 200 CZK and 500 CZK voucher). You can only redeem vouchers that you have received through the store bonus program at stores.

You can add an order note in the Shipping and Payment section of your Basket.


If you add a note to your order, it will be on hold until our employee reads and process the note, then manually move the order to the next processing state. So if you want to receive your order as soon as possible, do not write down in the note for example "Please, send as soon as possible" - this will slow down the process.


Changing the payment method is only possible in the case of a card payment where the transaction was unsuccessful.

We expect your payment within five working days after sending the bill. In case of an outstanding invoice, you will be notified via email. If payment is not received in the due time, the order will be cancelled.

The advance invoice will arrive to your e-mail within a few minutes of the order being placed. If you are a new customer, you will need to verify your registration information before you receive an advance invoice via email. The advance invoice is due within 5 working days. After the payment is credited to the account, the system automatically moves the order to the "preparation" status.

You can find the invoice in the attachment of the e-mail that you will receive after we ship your order. Registered customers can also find the invoice after logging into their Stoklasa Account -> Order History -> Details -> Invoice. The same applies to the issued credit note.

Customers living in the Czech Republic can pick up orders over 200 CZK without VAT in any of our retail stores. You can pay directly there with either card or cash (current pricelist).

Yes, it is possible. The person who will pick up your order, must know the order number and exact name as written on invoice.


Orders are dispatched as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 working days. In case of delay you will be informed. Once the package is handed over to the carrier, you can then track it directly at the carrier site.

After delivery company picks up your package we will e-mail you the tracking number and you can track the shipment directly on the website of the carrier. This number can be also found in the details of your latest order in your Stoklasa account.

Please contact customer service representative of your country and we will discuss the next steps.

Current list of countries to which we deliver, method of delivery and payment here.

If the tracking of your shipment shows that the package did not change location for several days, contact the carrier directly.

If you did not receive tracking number to your order, first check the details of your order (the tracking number is saved with each order), if its not there, contact our customer service.

Check every shipment properly as soon as it is delivered. If you notice damage on the package, file a claim directly with the carrier.

If you notice damage to goods after opening the package, please contact our customer service.

Orders over 200 CZK without VAT can be picked up at any of our retail stores. You can pay directly there with either card or cash (current pricelist).

If you choose to pick up your order in local retail store, then the store serves o n l y as a distribution point. After payment is made you will receive the package. If you need to return items or file a claim, it is necessary to follow our terms&conditions. Our employees in retail stores can not help you in these situations.

Contact the carrier with a request to change the date (or place) of delivery.

Information about order dispatch will be sent to the email address entered in the order. After handing over the package to the shipping company we will e-mail you a tracking number. Tracking number will be also saved in the details of each order.

Yes, it is possible. VAT is then calculated according to the country of delivery.

Returns and complaints

Please see our terms&conditions and  „Withdrawal from the Purchase Contract“.

In the case of a complaint, please follow the steps here.

More information about specific situations can be find in our terms&conditions, see "Returns and Complains".

Contact the complaints department via customer service.

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