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Its not to late to make online an order. We guarantee Christmas delivery for EU orders placed by December 13th!


Looking for Christmas Gifts, Christmas Tree Ornaments or Holiday Decorations? Check out our new Christmas category to help you prepare for the winter holidays.


Are you slowly decorating for Christmas? Take advantage of the polystyrene snowflakes , which are a great help in making decorations.

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Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas

21.11.2017 |

Nothing can replace the magic of decorating the house For Christmas. Be creative and get inspired by our images.

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Anekke - the magical world of dreams

Anekke - the magical world of dreams

20.04.2017 |

I am Anekke, I would like to be your memories, your nostalgia, those beautiful moments caught in time that you relive when you start to dream....

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