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On right top of website there is a form: Searching. The form serves to find item of goods according to entered name or abbreviation.


Searching advice

1. Do not enter all word but only its crucial part. If you enter e.g. string headscarves , the item called Headscarf elastic won´t be found because it doesn´t include the word headscarves . If you enter scarf, all kinds of scarves will be found.

2. Do not enter more words. If you seek item of goods: cotton scarf, the item called scarf cotton won´t be found. The word sequence is crucial. So enter just scarf and you´ll find everything.

3. If you let the tickinkg: as well as in item descripiton on, you´ll find not only the goods which are included in name of your entered string, but also the goods which are included in string´s description.

4. If you know the code of goods or or a part of this code, you can enter it for searching.

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According to the law of registration of sales the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. Seller is also obliged to register received revenue at the Financial Authority online; in case of technical failure this must be done within 48 hours.

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