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News in Order Processing

The new warehouse and warehouse system brings a number of changes. One of them is automatic processing of received orders.

With an automated line, the new order immediately moves to the accepted status. The order is prepared immediately and in the tens of minutes the package can be shipped.


States of Orders


Note: If you write a note to your order, the new order will not be shifted to the accepted status automatically. Warehouse employee will first read the note, process, and then manually move the order to the next state of processing.

OUR TIP: to process your order as soon as possible, please do not write in the note that you need the order quick - this would actually slow down the process.


The automated process DOES NOT allow:

  • to combine orders
  • a change in the order (e.g. adding an item)
  • to prioritize any ordersthe processing of order is given by the time of receiving the order and the processing priorities ( for example VIP customers)

TIP *: If you already know that you want to combine some orders, you can put them in a note. This will stop the automatic processing process and warehouse staff can merge the orders manually.


Benefits of a new warehouse system:

  • a perfect overview of the availability of each item variation and the certainty that if you order for example 10m of red lace, it will really be in stock and we will hold it for you
  • fast Order processing due to automation
  • new transport carriers for some countries will bring a significant reduction in shipping costs and the possibility of a COD payment (applicabille in the following countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, and GLS for Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Romania)
  • We have introduced a new picking point directly at the Bolatice warehouse
  • Thanks to the larger warehouse space, we were able to cancel the fee for bank transfers


We believe that the new warehouse and the automation in order processing will lead to even better services from us and we are looking forward to our further cooperation.


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According to the law of registration of sales the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. Seller is also obliged to register received revenue at Financial Authority online; in case of technical failure this must be done within 48 hours.

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