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Sofa, chair, bed - is place where we feel good and where we like to relax. And to enjoy it even more you need to surround yourself with nice blankets and pillows. Therefore, we have prepared a section "Blankets and pillows" where we include high quality goods. Choose from refined pillowcases and make your living room look more cozy. And get yourself a quality soft blanket that will keep you warm in cold winter evenings. Indeed, there is plenty to choose from, so do not hesitate and buy.

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Blankets And Cushions


Blankets, similarly like duvets, are used for covering. They are thicker so that they can isolate heat better. Some others are also thin when you need to cover yourself up in the evenings spent on watching TV and do not want to lie down under the classical blanket like during nights. You must have noticed that some people use a blanket for covering chairs and sofas so that the upholstery wouldn´t get polluted and consequently not be cleaned and changed. Duvets are sometimes made of artificial fibers. They form thus a monolithic surface and are thinner than conventional blanket, which allows for better storage.

Blankets are also used in construction during demolitions. In such cases blankets are used to protect the surface from falling masonry. Also car mechanics who lie down for some fixing on ground need them. Blanket protects them from cold and hard ground. A special type of quilt is called Larisa which insulates heat very well because it is made of synthetic fibres. Surely you know pretty well that such blankets are given especially to young children to keep them warm.

Find in our e-shop lots of different blankets. Choose from blankets for adults which can also become a great gift for birthdays or other occasions as well as for children who will love the variety of colours and motifs. Look at our offer and choose the blanket under which you will be happy to lie down every night.


Cushions are used mainly for supporting the head during sleep, which is good for your neck that straightens nicely overnight, enjoying having rest. When not using a cushion, you strain your neck muscles on one side of the body, which may even lead to neck pain. However, if you choose the right cushion, you avoid further inconveniences.

Cushions, however, are also used as decorations for various shapes and colours that can be used as a pad under the head, or supporting means, when you sit on the couch and rest. Cushions are made of two parts - the hard cover and inner pad. Pads were once made of bird feathers and such pillow was designed only for class or rich people. The poors were padding pillows by straw. Nowadays cushions are made that are suitable even for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

We offer lots of cushions with colour cushion covers you can change as you like or depending on other interior accessories. Cushion covers can be easily removed and machine washed. Remember that some covers must flip inside out when being washed, in order to not be damaged and last longer.

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