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About us

Stoklasa Haberdashery is the market leader in wholesale and retail sales of textile haberdashery. We sell through an e-shop throughout Europe, and we also operate a network of retail shops in the Czech Republic.

What our customers appreciate the most

Fast shipping
Wide range
Customer service

It started with ...

a golden button. In the former Czechoslovakia was impossible to find a golden button before 1990’s, remembers with a smile on his face the owner of company STOKLASA - Ing. Leo Stoklasa, who together with his wife started the business:

“My wife wanted to have dress with gold buttons, she saw a picture of it in then popular magazine BURDA, but gold buttons was the hardest thing to find. We had to travel to close by country Poland where we found them. We noticed that stores in Poland were stocked not only with buttons, but also threads, linings and other goods that were missing in the former Czechoslovakia market. This is how the idea was born and later the company.”

Successful entrepreneur recalls the beginnings of his business that started on the first floor of his parents house. Cross-border imports were not common in the nineties, so there was a high demand for imported goods. But it was necessary to load the car and drive personally to various stores and offer the goods. Soon enough more sales-mans were hired to drive to different locations in the country and nearby countries.

“Few years ago 90% percent of our goods was sold from our pickup trucks, we delivered also to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. It was time-consuming and also expensive. Fortunately the Internet came just in time to start the e-shop.”


Internet changed everything

The first online order took place via the e-shop on February 26, 2006, and sales extended to retail customers. Today, more than eighty percent of turnover takes place over the Internet.

2006 Czechia 2008 Hungary
2008 Slovakia 2016 Romania
2008 England 2021 France
2008 Germany 2022 Italy
2008 Poland 2022 Spain

Over 80% of turnover is from our e-shop. Initially half of the trade consisted of imports and the other exports, today the situation begins to slowly but surely change, in favor of the exported goods. "I am a supporter of the European Union. Borders between EU countries are open, no more customs, which is a huge benefit for the trade. We started with two or three employees, today we employ 279 people. And our turnover excluding taxes in 2023 was over 553 million CZK, " says proudly Leo Stoklasa.

For the 16th anniversary of its founding eshop Stoklasa has received a new mascot, Leon, who will peek at you from time to time.

Stoklasa in numbers

10 Languages

in which e-shop operates: English, Czech, Hungarian, German, Polish, Slovak, French, Romanian, Italian and Spanish.

18 retail stores

are currently operating in the Czech Republic. You can find them in Olomouc, Opava, Brno, Ostrava, Prague, Jihlava and Zlin.

99% satisfaction

according to the popular feedback company ““, where we received over 17 500 reviews. E-shop Stoklasa was also awarded with Certificate “Verified by Customers“.

279 employees

are currently working in our company.

28 500 items

the number of items in stock.

301 648 orders

were processed in the year 2023.

Our employees are the most important asset

The head and soul of the company are its founders - CEO Ing. Leo Stoklasa and creative director Alice Stoklasová. More than 270 employees of the company take care of the company's operation and customer satisfaction. We are pleased with the number of positive customer reactions and a number of awards we have received throughout the company's history.


Modern warehouse for fast shipping

In 2018 we built a large automated warehouse. Moving more than 40,000 items was a very demanding logistics operation, which we managed thanks to the great support of our employees. The new warehouse system now provides customers with a better insight into the availability of different product variants, additional modes of transport and faster delivery handling. A beautiful new environment is motivating for our employees as well. In 2023, thanks to the new logistics center, we processed and sent almost 301,000 orders.
What are the benefits and changes of a new warehouse?

In 2020, we celebrated 30 years anniversary. Here you can see the reconstruction of our warehouse.

We are proud of every award received:

Czech 100 best

Vodafone company of the year 2018

Certified APEK shop

Heureka verified by customers


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We help and support

We strive to be a socially responsible company and we have long-term cooperation with several sheltered workshops. We also support various activities in our area - whether with a financial contribution or a material gift.


18 retail shops

If you prefer classic in-store shopping, we are inviting you to visit one of our stores (in the Czech Republic).


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