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Wings - Spacer Link Connector for Jewelry Makings 8x21 mm

Item Number: 360011
Wings - Spacer Link Connector for Jewelry Makings 8x21 mm
Wings - Spacer Link Connector for Jewelry Makings 8x21 mm
Wings - Spacer Link Connector for Jewelry Makings 8x21 mm
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You will use small wings mainly for the production of decorative little angels . The wings are small. You can use little angels as a nice attention for the recipient. You can decorate a gift, greeting card, etc. with it.
The wings are precisely decorated with reliefs. They are double-sided, made of non-magnetic metal.

This Charm can be used for decorative purposes. Interestingly will excel on a ribbon tied around a candlestick, paper greeting card or a gift box. It is also suitable for making bookmarks or decorative pendants on the purse, bag or key-chain.

User manual: first thread the body of an angel on a headpin. You can use a larger polished bead or a flower bead, which will create a nice skirt. Then thread the wings and finally head. From metal bead-cup you can create a hat. With a help of pliers bend the headpin to the right angle. Shorten it to a length of about 1 cm from the bend with cutting pliers. Finally, round it to an eye with round pliers.

  • Width: 8 mm
  • Length: 21 mm
  • Pulling hole: 1 mm
  • Double-sided
DECORATION - not a toy
noncorrosive metal - washable
manufacturing of bags, handbags and purses, Production of decorations, making angels, figurines, animals

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