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Card payments

Card payment means easy and entirely secure payment instrument which is at present used all over the world.

When you pay by card, your amount is only blocked on your account. The amount is withdrawn after picking up goods according to invoice which will be sent via email. In case that everything is not in stock, financial surplus remains on your account.

For inland internet payments we use application of Česká spořitelna a.s. which uses 3D Secure solution. This solution was developed on base of the latest application of Visa and MasterCard card associations. It is worldwide standardized card payment and acceptance process on internet which matches all top level safety and comfort criteria, not only these of business partners but of shopping clients too.

We accept cards VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. Issuing banks enable using of embossed cards. Use of electronic cards is possible only if your issuing bank enables it.



Abroad customers can pay via Paypal which is application similar to this one of Česká spořitelna. However, we don´t use this payment instrument for inland customers due to significantly higher fees we pay as business subject for each transaction.

Card payment = safe method

  • for payment cards acceptance we use 3D-Secure solution – the latest application of MasterCard and Visa card associations enabling secure internet card payments.

  • you insert your payment card data directly to bank.

  • nobody from our employees has access to your payment card data.

  • data transfer is realized via secured HTTPS proceedings which encodes inserted info.

Which cards do we accept?

VisaVisa ElectronMasterCardMaestro

  • VISA Electron

  • VISA

  • Maestro (in case your bank categorized it in 3D-Secure system)

  • MasterCard

How to pay in our e-shop?

If you have decided to pay for selected goods with your payment card, mark your credit card type before placing your order. After this you will be redirected to our processing bank that will ask you to insert card data: payment card number, card expiration date and CVV2/CVC2 – last three digits pre-printed on signature strip of your card. These pieces of information are inserted directly in payment page of processing bank which ensures undecipherable encoded data transfer and we can only see authorization result with instruction to fulfill your order.

Presence of Verified by Visa logos of Visa card associations and MasterCard Secure Code of MasterCard card association ensures secure payment in our e-shop.

Verified by VisaMasterCard SecureCode


If our bank doesn´t confirm payment with your card, it may be due to following reasons:


  • payment card data were not fulfilled correctly.
  • there are not enough monetary resources on your account or you have withdrawn limit for internet transactions.
  • your card is not allowed for internet transactions. In this case contact your bank.



If card payment is not successful

If card payment is unsuccessful, button "Card payment online" displays in order details in "My orders". It is displayed during all states of order. Through this button you can pay order any time later. After successful payment this button disappears and information about your successful transaction appears. We do not fulfill order before it is paid, i.e. till the information about successful payment displays.

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