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Wrinkled Satin Fabric, 2nd quality

Item Number: 860893
Wrinkled Satin Fabric, 2nd quality
SALE UP TO 90% OFF Will be measured/cut
Wrinkled Satin Fabric, 2nd quality
Wrinkled Satin Fabric, 2nd quality
Wrinkled Satin Fabric, 2nd quality
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Crested satin is lightly crumpled, pleasant to the touch, slightly elastic in width , thanks to the higher grammage, it blends nicely and looks elegant. The front has a soft shine. You can also use it from its reverse side, which is matte.
Satin is suitable for sewing skirts, dresses, elegant trousers, blouses and wedding dresses. It is also suitable for the pleated technique. Sewn products are also pleasant to wear because this material does not wrinkle, which is a big advantage.

The satin is in the 2nd quality, because there are brown "dotted" spots in the shape of an oval in the size of 8x8 cm along the entire length of the material at regular intervals of 44 cm from each other and 27 cm from the fixed edge (when viewed from the front side of the material on the left side) . After washing, the "stains" only slightly disappear.

We have tried: Satin is slippery, so it is good to have some experience with its processing. After washing at the recommended temperature, it did not shrink or fade. We recommend sewing it with a needle size 70 and make sure the needle is not damaged, it could damage the satin. Also, when sewing, be careful not to "nick" the thread anywhere on the surface of the material. Since the satin frays slightly, clean the edges of the cut parts on an overclock. It does not need to be ironed, but if you do need to iron it, we recommend using a low temperature without steam, as this could cause unwanted spots on the fabric.

The fabric measurements needed for sewing basic garments and home textiles, can be found here .

The seamstresses from our sewing workshop have prepared a simple comparison of different types of satin.

Those irregularities, leading to the inclusion in the 2nd quality are not a reason for complaint.

  • Weight: 175 g/m²
  • Width: 150 cm
  • starting at 0.5 m
  • Crease-resistant
98% polyester, 2% elastan
Sewing - other, Festive Garments Sewing, Manufacturing of Dresses for Brides and Bridesmaids
Elegant, Wedding
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