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30.1.2019 | | Seen: 1479x
Eyelets have a practical function when using them on the clothing or backpack. But they can also serve to decorate the clothes. Below you will learn how to choose the right size and where to use them.


Non-sew embellishing? Very easy! Eyelets are versatile and are a real plus for laces, strings, handicrafts, as fashionable decorative elements or for interior decoration.

Before applying it, you need to think about the correct size of the eyelet, where it will be placed and whether washing is required.



Eyelets by size


  • 4-7 mm - you can use it especially in textile production, for example when sewing jackets, sweatshirts, but also shoes.
    These eyelets can be worked on manually by a mini press, which is included in the package, possibly using a puncher and a press.





  • 10-17 mm - are used to embellish clothing, swimsuits or bags. To cut the holes in the material, we recommend to use die punch tool. Die mold and press machine is used to work it on.




  • 17-40 mm - you will use to decorate garments, but they are also suitable for curtains or bags. To cut the holes in the material, we recommend to use die punch tool. Die mold and press machine is used to work it on.






Eyelet General Care and Cleaning Tips


METAL EYELETS  for leather

Not suitable for clothes, it is not recommended to wash them.
The biggest use is in the manufacture of bags and handbags, but also in making greetings.

They are used for clothing, shoes, curtains, and inadvertising.
It is possible to wash them. Will not rust.





How to set an Eyelet


Small eyelets are set by riveting, which is done manually by a mini press, usually included in the package.






Application of Eyelets using Puncher, Dier Mold and Press


1. Die Punch Tool - Use to pierce leather and fabrics. When cutting the material, it is advisable to work on a hard base and non-impact substrate.



RECOMMENDATIONS: For solid materials, the hole may be as large as the inside diameter of the eyelet. For elastic materials, the hole must be smaller than the inside diameter of the eyelet to hold firmly.



2. For application using a hand press you will need a Hand Press, Die Set Molds and Die Punch Tool.

Die Punch Tool: Place the material on a punching pad face up, put the puncher perpendicular to where you want to punch a hole and hammer strike the top of the punch.

Using the Die Mold and Press: Place the larger part of the die mold at the bottom of the press, screw the other part into the top of the press. Insert the eyelet and the cloth with the hole. Then press it together.




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