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Wrap yourself in French elegance

24.7.2019 | | Seen: 293x
The base of the French wardrobe is a combination of black, white, beige and blue. It contains a minimum of distinctive elements. More in the article.



French women enjoy fashion, emphasizing naturalness, casualness and interesting details. Yes, that's exactly what makes them so special. Try to tie a scarf around your neck or hair, just find a detail that no one else wears and add it into your outfits.






Typical features of French fashion


  • transparent satin underwear and stockings
  • pearls are a favorite jewel
  • scarves and shawls - around the neck, wrist, handbags, waist instead of belt
  • minimal make-up (sometimes accompanied by strong red lipstick)
  • OVERSIZE style
  • hat or beret
  • quality materials - flax, silk, cashmere
  • men's style clothing and accessories. Attention: Men's style must be lightened with high heels or other distinctive women's accessories.
  • quality perfumes - gently spray them into the hair








Small tweaks Paris themed


All you need is a Eiffel Tower pendant necklace or a small cut stone brooch in the shape of this famous tower to decorate your bag and feel stylish.





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