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Wedding Car Decorations

28.2.2021 | | Seen: 2279x
You've seen it in the movies: tin cans trailing off the bumper and "just married" sign on the back window. But wedding car decor don't have to stop there — it can be as unique as the couple themselves

Whether you're planning for a drive-by wedding or simply want to spruce up the getaway car, there are tons of ways to make the happy news known. We picked out the best "just married" decorations so you can spread the good news wherever you go. 


zdobení svatebního auta

Where to start?

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to wedding car decorations, including the wedding theme, colors and even the season. Not sure where to start? The basic rule for all cars - wash, polish, vacuum :) It is also generally true that simplicity is beauty and overdoing is not a sign of luxury. Even a wedding car does not have to be the most expensive. Feel free to use your favorite car, with which you have experienced a lot of romantic memories.




The bride's car requires more demanding preparation. An unwritten rule is that the decoration of the bride's car should match the color of the bride's wedding bouquet and other wedding decorations.

The most commonly used flower arrangement is on the front hood of the car. You can also decorate windows, side mirrors, car handles. But don't forget an important rule: "less is sometimes more." A flower arrangement doesn't just have to be out of real flowers, the artificial ones that last much longer are also a great choice.


zdobení svatebního auta       zdobení svatebního auta




While the bride's car is richly decorated, the groom's is usually simpler and more discreet. Nevertheless, it should still be different from other wedding cars. The most popular element is the top hat. This decoration clearly signals who is driving in the car to get his future wife.





Of course, you don't have to decorate the wedding car. But if you've ever seen one drive by, you know the commotion it causes: People honk their horns, yell their congratulations or wave from the sidewalk. It's a fun and exciting way to exit the wedding reception or to arrive there from the ceremony. The most popular method is to decorate the car with V-shaped ribbons over the front grilles of the front bonnet and bows on the mirrors.


zdobení svatebního auta    zdobení svatebního auta



You can use rubber suction cups to attach wedding decorations to cars. They also have a plastic loop, through which you pass the ribbon.





... small details make big difference. Make sure to have scissors and pins for decoration. They will come in handy.






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