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Velvet - how to select the right one

11.4.2022 | | Seen: 2990x
Velvet fabrics are among the most luxurious fabrics. Need help in selecting the right one? We have prepared a simple comparison of different types of velvet.


Velvet - a material that is associated with nobility, elegance and luxury. Are you considering its use and do not know which type to choose? We have lots of useful information for you.

Simple comparison of different types of velvet

A clear table makes it easy to choose the most suitable velvet for your project. All you need to do is choose the right colour :)





Name Elastic Shiny Velvet Structured Velvet Slightly Elastic Velvet Elastic Velvet
Item number
380711 380970 860275 380478
Price   ← less expensive more expensive→  
What it's good for Carnival costumes, decorative purposes Home Textile (Pillowcase) - Luxury Impression Home textiles and clothing (sweatshirt, decorative patches for jackets) Evening dresses, tunics, blazers (luxury), and decorative home textiles
Special feature The edge rolls up into a roll Structure of the bricks    
Elasticity Most stretchable - elastic only in width It stretches - more in width than in length Stretches slightly in width Stretch more in width
Weight 170 g/m² 210 - 225 g/m² 200 - 225 g/m² 345 g/m²
Thickness 0,6 mm 0,8 mm 0,8 mm 0,9 mm
Certified for children under 3 years yes ✅ yes ✅ yes ✅ no ❌
Sewing Stretch needle, overlock or elastic stitch (or double needle) on a sewing machine. The edges do not fray.
Wash In the washing procedure recommended by the manufacturer (30°C, gentle wash) the fabric does not dye colour and does not shrink
Ironing Do not iron. If you have to iron, iron on the reverse side on a low temperature, or steam.

Fabrics are listed in order of price per meter (from the cheapest).


What is velvet?

Velvet is a fabric characterized by having a short and dense pile. It is produced in solid colours or with prints, sometimes with an admixture of elastane, which gives it elasticity. It is pleasant, soft, smooth to the touch and is slightly elastic, stretching across its width. Velvet fabrics have a soft feel, a subtle sheen, are durable and blend well. They are slightly stretchy, pile-like and shiny. The fabric does not need to be cleaned, it does not fray.



Where do you use velvet?

Use velvet for sewing suits, jackets and coats. You can also use it to make tracksuits, jackets, waistcoats, sweatshirts, etc.



It is also suitable for sewing home textiles for decorative purposes. Decorative cushions add the right touch of luxury to your home.



How to clean velvet?

Good advice is always useful. If we want to clean the velvet, we take a piece of another velvet on it. Wet it slightly with water and wipe the fabric against the fur. This way, even the pressed-in areas will disappear. Velvet will also clean well with fine dried salt. Just sprinkle it on and brush it well at the end.



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