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Transparent Foil for sewing PVC 0.35 mm

Item Number: 860923
Transparent Foil for sewing PVC 0.35 mm
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Transparent Foil for sewing PVC 0.35 mm
Transparent Foil for sewing PVC 0.35 mm
Transparent Foil for sewing PVC 0.35 mm
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1 m - by the metre
In Stock 252 m + next 0 within 5 days
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7.87 EUR / m 7.87 EUR
5 m - sold per package
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5.82 EUR / m 29.08 EUR
1 m - by the metre
7.87 EUR / m
7.87 EUR
5 m - sold per package
5.82 EUR / m
29.08 EUR

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7.87 EUR

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The transparent PVC foil is resistant to UV radiation and temperatures down to -30°C. You can use it to sew packaging, cases, various covers, pockets, organizers and larger bags (e.g. beach bags). It is strong, but at the same time easily formable , suitable for quilting, for which we recommend choosing a longer stitch (min. 3 mm). It can also be ironed very carefully - through the fabric, at a lower temperature and without steaming.

In total, it is possible to send a package of max. 5 m.

The foil is intended for decorative purposes, we do not recommend washing it , only wiping it.

We have tried: We made a simple cosmetic bag from this foil. When sewing, we used Teflon presser foot 840303, and the foil slid under it beautifully and did not rub anywhere during sewing. We used polyester threads 240230 and universal needles 020810, size 80. We used zipper 050714 as the bag closure, on which we put sliders 070270. The film is soft, malleable, yet strong and very nice to work with.

  • Thickness: 0,35 mm
  • Width: 120 cm
  • starting at 0.5 m
Product is certified.
Sewing - other, manufacturing of bags, handbags and purses


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