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Romantic Lace

15.2.2017 | | Seen: 2434x
Look into past and present of the popular Lace. Get inspired by interesting decorations with touch of Lace, that will add romance.


Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern, made by machine or by hand.

Lace was known already in ancient Egypt where it comes from archaeological findings. In Europe the production of lace began to spread from Italy sometime in the 16th century.
In the past Lace was an important part of garments. It was worn by high nobility and wealthy burghers. Lace were made in poor regions, for example in northern Bohemia or in poor parts of Slovakia, it was a source of livelihood for many families. Back then it took several hours to bobbin one meter of lace, nowadays it is made by textile machines that can weave or bobbin one meter of lace in a few seconds.


Lace is still very popular especially in home textiles and is an important element for all romantic models.

paličkovaná krajka

krajka na sukni

vintage krajka


Lace is ment not only to decorate garnment, it will also llok perfectly on decorations, which will give them romantic vintage look. Along with natural materials like jute or burlap, conjures up a pleasant spectacle.

vajíčka s krajkou vintage krajka vánoční věnec


Wedding decorations with lace look romantic.

polštářek na prstýnky svatební dekorace podvazek


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