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New look of the product page on our website

19.1.2022 | | Seen: 5296x
In mid-January we’ve launched a new look of Stoklasa’s product page.What has changed and how to make the most of the new page?


If you have used our website before, you have for sure noticed the new look. We paid a lot of attention to the preparation of the new look of the product page and tried to take into account the needs and requirements of our customers. The photos have been enlarged, the layout of the page has been changed, some parts of the page are now in tabs.

It was also necessary to modernize the site, as it is now much more often viewed on small phone screens, to make it easier to tap buttons and other controls.

New look of the product page


Bulk Purchase

Especially our wholesale customers use the so-called Bulk Purchase, where they can select several different variants of goods at once and put everything in the basket in bulk. This function is now included in a separate tab.

Bulk Purchase now in separate tab


Random Mix

Some items we sell in "Random Mix". The mix may be different every day according to the current stock inventory. In order to find out what you purchasing in the mix, please see the Bulk Purchase tab


Likewise, when you select the mix next to the main photo, you will see information about the composition of the random mix.

The specific composition of the mix



The Description tab contains the most important information about the goods. Here you will find all the parameters, inspiration photos and, if applicable, instructions for using the goods

Inspiration, how you can use the goods



We hope that you will enjoy working with the new product page and that shopping will be even more pleasant.


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