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Iron-on Patches - MIX of Designs Cartoon Characters

Item Number: 390407
Iron-on Patches - MIX of Designs Cartoon Characters
Iron-on Patches - MIX of Designs Cartoon Characters
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50 pc.
0.727 EUR / pc.
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Some mixes packages might be greater numbers of the same designs. Package includes children mix of patterns and sizes. Iron Patches have size range of 35 to 85 mm, height 55 to 115 mm.

These are brand motifs. In the mix you can find characters from movies e.g. Marvel, Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Ice Age, Asterix and Obelix, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, Lion King, Hello Kitty, Hannnah Montana, Pluto, Bart Simpson and more.

Iron Patches can be used not only to cover holes on clothes, but you can also decorate clothing with them.

Instructions Before applying your patch wash and dry your garment first. Set the iron to 150 °C.. Place the patch in the desired location and cover with a thin piece of cloth. Iron and apply firm pressure evenly on the patch for approx 10 sec. When washing turn your garment inside out and use a gentle wash cycle. Instructions can be also found on the product.
We recommend to sew it on, so it won't peel off when washing.
We also recommend sewing iron-on transfers to prevent them from peeling off after washing.

Certificate of authenticity

  • Mix of shapes
100% polyester, polyethylene coating
DIY Baby Projects, for Children, Decorating Clothes
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