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Horsehair Braid Crinoline width 2.5 cm 080902

Horsehair Braid Crinoline width 2.5 cm
2 (CC16) black


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Price for 1 package (96 m):
10.752 EUR excl. VAT
Price per m: 0.112 EUR excl. VAT
Order and calculation

Mix will be picked randomly from the currently available variants.
3 m
0.172 EUR / 1m
20 m
0.172 EUR / 1m
22,5 m
0.172 EUR / 1m
24 m
0.172 EUR / 1m
29 m
0.172 EUR / 1m
40 m
0.172 EUR / 1m
45 m
0.112 EUR / 1m
48 m
0.112 EUR / 1m
58 m
0.112 EUR / 1m
80 m
0.112 EUR / 1m
80 m
0.112 EUR / 1m
90 m
0.112 EUR / 1m
96 m
0.112 EUR / 1m
96 m
0.112 EUR / 1m
100 m
0.112 EUR / 1m
Price without VAT
Item Number:080902
Composition:PE monofilament
Customs code:3926909790


Crinoline Fabric is a professional diagonally woven forming ribbon . Holds its shape, it is also very flexible and malleable .

Usage: This ribbon is often used in the manufacture of hat or fascinator party hats. It is also appropriate as a reinforcement of dresses, blouses and petticoats under the dress. Can ce also used to create beautiful decorative bows and spirals or use it to arrange in flower arrangements.

  • Width: 2,5 - 3 cm
  • Maximum Continuous Length: 3; 20; 22,5; 29 m
  • Clothing
  • Fine


PE monofilament


Fascinators and Hats Production

Sewing - other

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