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DIY Tutorial - Face Mask

16.3.2020 | | Seen: 36471x
Face Masks have become a scarce commodity, so we have instructions for you to sew it yourself at home.



All supplies for sewing Face Masks can be found HERE.


The Face Mask is sewn from cotton and non-woven fabric, it has a pocket inside where you can insert several layers of paper handkerchief. What is nice is that you can sew it from the fabric that you like. We chose a subtle dotted fabric and to make the face mask and to look more cheerful we added pink edging.



Necessary Material

Cotton Fabric (square 20 x 20 cm)
Non-woven Interfacing (square 20 x 20 cm)
Fuzzy Wire
Single Fold Bias Binding
Round Elastic







1) Put a non-woven fabric on the face of the cotton fabric and sew your money upstairs with a straight stitch.

2) Open the fabric apart and place a small piece of fuzzy wire (a small gray dark rectangle on pic) on the inner seam. It needs to be sewn in between the two fabrics, it will serve to shape the mask on the nose. Fold the fabrics together - now they are polka dots face-up - and sew the metalwire around to attach it inside, top, and center.



3)Clean both bottom edges of cotton and nonwoven - each separately.


4) Now sew together cotton and non-woven fabrics with a wide stitch  - on the right and left sides.


5) This is how it looks stitched from the back.

6) Start shaping the folds, use pins to help hold it together.



7) After pinning the side sew with straight stitch. It does not have to be 100% super straight, because the bias binding will cover it. Do the same on the other side.

8) Cut the Single Fold Bias Binding 2 cm longer than the side of the mask.


9)Bend it at the top and bottom and insert the side of the mask inside.


10) Sew the diagonal strip along the side. Inside there is a tunnel for the elastic. Therefore, keep a hole at the top and bottom.


11) Do the same on the other side.

12) The face mask is almost done, you can try to stretch it.

13) Using a safety pin, pull the elastic inside the sides.


14) Tie the elastic using ambulatory knot, is flat and better pulls into the tunnel, which is beautifully hidden.


15) Put the mask on and shape the metal wire (fuzzy wire) on your nose.


16) For better protection, you can put several layers of paper tissue inside the mask, which you can change as needed.



Same masks can be sewn for your children, just cut the squares only slightly smaller. The best way to measure these is with your mask - place it on your child's face and measure how much shorter it should be.

You can decorate kids face mask with small iron-on transfers, sequins, embroidery, etc.


We wish you good health, your Stoklasa team


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