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DIY - Decorative Textile Flowers

23.1.2019 | | Seen: 1499x
We are presenting you some ideas to create original decoration of clothing and accessories. Take a look and try it with us. Spring is the best time to bloom.


Love to create? Like to be one of a kind? Love flowers?

If you answered at least one question, you are at the right place. If not, then let yourself be inspired and maybe you ended up wanting to try this.

Flower therapy at Stoklasa begins in the spring and ends in winter. You can use the items that we sell for flower production, not only to make flowers, but also for any part of clothing or costume jewelery, but also for decorating footwear and clothing accessories. Choose the color, material and shape of the flower, center, part and then sew or glue them together. You can choose flowers from satin, monofilament, lace and cotton material.





Petals in layers

Small petals can be combined with different shapes and materials. In order to achieve a plastic look, we recommend to lay several petals of different sizes on each other. Then glue or sew them together. When creating flowers, it is important to think about whether you want to use flowers for clothes or decorations. Most of them can not be washed without losing their original look.



Usage: decoration of bags, clutches, handbags, hats, headbands.

Hand wash.

Usage: decoration of bags, clutches, handbags, hats, headbands.

Can not be washed.

Usage: for clothing and fashion accessories such as brooches, hairdbands, hats and bags. They are also suitable for decorating wishcards or name tags.

Hand wash. Can be ironed.




Rhinestones, pearls and pistils

In the middle of the flower you can use pearls, pistils or less traditional, but great-looking - fringes.





DONE! All its left to do is to attach the creations to the garnment. Suitable to revive t-shirts, skirts, blouses, jackets, dresses, hats, handbags, straps or headbands. Flowers are also used for decorating gifts or greeting cards.




Not into creating and DIY?

For those who prefer already made procuct that can be glued or stitched, we have the solution in the form of ready flowers. You can use it for making brooches, jewelery or attache to a dress our blouse (beware of the possibility of washing).







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