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Colorful garden party

4.6.2019 | | Seen: 919x
Are you going to prepare a great and unforgettable garden party? We put together a list of decorations that you might find useful.

The sun outside starts to warm up and evenings invite you to have a barbecue and sit out with friends.

If you are going to a birthday party or a garden party, prepare snacks, heat up the grill, cool the drinks, mix the cocktails and let us inspire you with various decorations.







The table decoration is important, for example, with a striking placemats or napkins. For the overall impression of an outdoor party, it is advisable to match the colors and use the ones that best excel in the area.

Our tip: Use crepe paper cut into strips and hang it on a string, for example, in a pergola or between trees. It's proven and simple.




Without balloons, it would not be the right celebration, party nor wedding. You can use small, large, differently shaped balloons, filled with confetti or even light-up balloons. They're all gonna look great. From the bloated letters it is then possible to put together an impressive inscription or a name.







You can use colored pompons and paper rosettes of different sizes to decorate the surrounding. Together with the balloons it will create a great element in the places where the party will take place. Candles, candlesticks or hanging lights are suitable for the evening atmosphere.






Fun must be at each party. You can choose a theme for the party (for example a certain color of clothing, hat, wig, theme masks ..).

Children will enjoy simple games, mask making or face painting. For adults, photo booths props have become popular. The fun together will bring some extraordinary photos.





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