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Color 2020 - classic blue

30.1.2020 | | Seen: 1420x
For this year, the Pantone Institute has determined what color of the year is classic blue, which expresses peace, confidence and harmony. Everybody loves blue. Get inspired...


Pantone regularly determines the color of the year, which affects not only the interior design but also the fashion industry. Pantone's opinion respects the whole world. For 2020, the shade of the year was voted 19-4052 Classic Blue.

It expresses stability, confidence, peace, self-confidence and interconnection, is timeless and elegant.

Classic Blue is popular and suits all women, suitable for every occasion - for a walk, to the gym, to work, for an interview and for more festive events.








How to choose the color of the year?

The color of the year is announced in December of the previous year. Every year, Pantone Institute color experts travel around the world looking for new trends that affect design, fashion, entertainment, film and lifestyle. New technologies, materials and upcoming world sports events bring further impulses.




A little colorful history



Did you know that we can use color to influence emotions and even heal?


COLORTERAPIE is treatment of color vibration. Colors can influence our emotions, moods, organ functions, concentration, relaxation and temperature perception.

BLUE is the color of peace, harmony and infinity. It is calming but at the same time helps to increase concentration. This color strengthens the life force, brings peace and tranquility. Blue is suitable for allergies, asthma, soothes pain and soothes overall.








TIP: Blue color is very easy to combine with many other colors - from dark green to powder pink and last year's coral. Pantone always adds four neutral colors to the year, making it easy to combine.






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