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Anekke - the magical world of dreams

20.4.2017 | | Seen: 8135x
I am Anekke, I would like to be your memories, your nostalgia, those beautiful moments caught in time that you relive when you start to dream....

I have been created to bring peace to you and help relay beautiful feelings like

love and friendship.

People say that I have a romantic touch of tendernessand innocence that will lead you in a magical world

full of dreams.


I am loving but enigmatic, which makes everybody curious about who

I really am, where I come from and what my secret are...

Secrets you will discover when you enter my world - the world of Anekke.



anekke anekke




Spanish brand Anekke with its romantic-nostalgic models appeals to women of all ages.

Its distinguishing mark is a picture of dreamy girl in a vintage style. Anekke's products are adorned with pleasing details in the form of patches, decorative graffiti, pendants and patchwork details.

The brand range includes beautiful bags, handbags, cases, backpacks, notebooks, mugs, umbrellas, luggage ...

Anekke brand products excel in premium quality, precise processing and imaginative design.



Anekke comes in several collections which one is your favourite?

Traveller Collection

adventurous, free

vak batoh / vak deštník
Drawstring Bag Rucksack Stick Umbrella
kabelka deník se zámkem zápisník
Crossbody Bag Diary with Lock Notebook



travel in style

kufr kufr kufr


Which collection did you fall in love with? We adore them all 



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