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Memory wire for bracelets Ø 5cm

Item Number: 060879
Memory wire for bracelets Ø 5cm
Memory wire for bracelets Ø 5cm
Memory wire for bracelets Ø 5cm
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The memory wire is made of 0.6 mm thick steel wire. It is designed for the production of bracelets . It is called "memory" because the diameter of the circle can no longer be changed, the wire remembers it. When making the bracelet, you choose the number of loops on which you thread the beads, cut the wire with the splitting pliers 070814 and end either with an eyelet, which you create with the pliers 070813, or stick a bead to the end of the wire.
The diameter may vary by 2-4 mm.

There are about 56 loops in a 20 g package.
In a package of 40 g there are about 112 loops
There are about 140 loops in a 50 g package.
In a package of 1000 g there are about 2800 loops. There can be 1-2 cuts in the package.

  • Diameter: 5 cm
  • Thickness: 0,6 mm
jewellery metal with galvanization
bead stringing, beading


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