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Gemstone Chips Beads on String

Item Number: 210288
Gemstone Chips Beads on String
Gemstone Chips Beads on String
Colour Options:
6 crystal
Sold per Package:
1 string
In Stock 40 package + next 600 in 7 days
5.642 EUR / string 5.642 EUR
4 string
In Stock 10 package + next 150 in 7 days
prepared from smaller packages
3.840 EUR / string 15.360 EUR
10 string
In Stock 13 package + next 60 in 7 days
3.172 EUR / string 31.720 EUR
1 string
5.642 EUR / string
5.642 EUR
4 string
3.840 EUR / string
15.360 EUR
10 string
3.172 EUR / string
31.720 EUR

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31.720 EUR

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Fractions of natural minerals (size approx 3-10 mm) - are one of the most versatile fashion jewelry elements. These beads are one of our hits, which is due to their quality, the wide range and very competitive price. On one cord is about 217 chips.

No. 19 is colored stone, which may dye in contact with skin.
No. 6 can have color tan and pattern , it is a natural material and as such may have the size , color and shape variations !
No. 30 is fractional carnelian.

It can be combined with different materials such as glass , plastic, wood , metal, etc. Fractions can be stringed on wire or eyepin and then hang on a chain .
Since it is a natural material, there are fragments of various sizes, shapes , patterns and colors.
Loop is 1 mm. Mix contains random fragments on nylon.
  • Length: 84 - 90 cm
  • Width: 3 - 10 mm
  • Pulling hole: 1 mm
Not suitable for children under 3 years. Not suitable for children under 3 years. - choking hazard
natural material
jewellery making, beading, bead stringing, beading, Jewellery, Jewelry


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6 crystal
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