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Embroidery Yarn DMC Mouliné Spécial Cotton 290344

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0.631 EUR excl. VAT
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1 pc.
0.631 EUR / 1pc.
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Item Number:290344
Composition:100% cotton
Customs code:5207100000


Moulin spécial is the best and most widespread brand of embroidery yarn in the world. It consists of 6 easily separable fibers, the number used in the embroidering determines the final appearance of embroidery. The yarn is made of a double mercerized cotton long thread. Wide range of colors allows to realize a very fine color transitions. Yarn will not fray and keeps its shape well.

Applications: Yarn can be utilized for all kinds of embroideries. Thanks to the exceptional quality of yams will make your embroidery even more attractive. Yarn is highly resistant to washing and light.

  • Weight: 2 g
  • Maximum Continuous Length: 8 m
  • Yarn thickness: approx. 0,8 mm
  • 465 colours


100% cotton



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