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Eco-leather Cord Ø3 m

Item Number: 310096
Eco-leather Cord Ø3 m
Will be measured/cut
Eco-leather Cord Ø3 m
Eco-leather Cord Ø3 m
Colour Options:
1 black
Sold per Package:
1 m - by the metre
In Stock 612 m + next 0 within 5 days
will be cut in one continuous length
0.739 EUR / m 0.739 EUR
5 m - sold per package
In Stock 122 package + next 0 within 5 days
0.503 EUR / m 2.52 EUR
15 m - sold per package
In Stock 40 package + next 0 within 5 days
0.372 EUR / m 5.58 EUR
1 m - by the metre
0.739 EUR / m
0.739 EUR
5 m - sold per package
0.503 EUR / m
2.52 EUR
15 m - sold per package
0.372 EUR / m
5.58 EUR

Price without VAT
0.739 EUR

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Braided cord is used mainly for bracelets of Chan Luu type. It is also interesting for beads with wide pulling hole .
Diameter can vary by 0.5 mm.
We sell it in rolls per 15 m on the reel.
Colour No.1 black has a diameter of 3 mm color No. 3 creamy has diameter 2 mm.

Eco-leather is made from synthetic materials. It consists of two layers - cotton fabric and polyurethane. This is a cheaper alternative to natural leather, which had its properties in many respects equalized.

Benefits of Eco-leather: breathability, strength, easy maintenance, unlimited range of colors.

  • Diameter: 3 mm
  • starting at 3 m
  • Length 15 m
Eco Leather
beading, bead stringing, beading
Product care


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1 black
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