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Hot-fix Crystal Applicator Wand

Item Number: 840165
Hot-fix Crystal Applicator Wand
Hot-fix Crystal Applicator Wand
Hot-fix Crystal Applicator Wand
Hot-fix Crystal Applicator Wand
Hot-fix Crystal Applicator Wand
Hot-fix Crystal Applicator Wand
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23.223 EUR
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Shine and shimmer in five seconds! Hot fix applicator is an invaluable aid in gluing hotfixes, or iron-on stones or chaton roses. Simply insert the hotfix into the extension, the glue at the end of the sequin melts, apply it to the fabric and press it lightly.
It takes about 2 minutes to heat up the extension. In this way, we can easily create beautiful ornaments and patterns on fabric, jeans or bags.
We supply complete with 7 extensions (size ss6 / 2 mm, ss10 / 3 mm, ss16 / 4 mm, ss20 / 5 mm, ss34 / 7 mm - for convex hotfixes, sizes 5 and 9 mm for straight hotfixes) and base . We recommend trying it on a small piece of fabric! The attachment reaches high temperatures, so to avoid damaging the fabric if it is made of artificial material!
The applicator is heated to approximately 350 ° F / 177 ° C. This type of machine has a switch.

Our tip: Before using for the first time, take 2 stones in reverse, ie. flat side into the applicator, let the glue dissolve and remove it away (the glue sticks to the attachment and the stones then hold better). Then take the stones into the applicator with the glass without any problems and the flat side is free.

The applicator has 5.0 watts and 110-240V.
Please note that the applicator is only intended for gluing glass beads and hotfixes, plastic beads will melt!

  • Diameter of stone: 2; 3; 4; 5; 7; 9 mm
metal, plastic
Decorating Clothes, Jewellery, Jewelry, Sewing - other, scrapbooking

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